How long do you think you spend in the gym? Are just trying get a body like Nicki Minaj or Michelle Keegan – two hours, three? People are going to talk whatever you do or how ever you look, so aren’t you better being happy and average rather than starving and thin?

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No two bodies are the same ever, ones goes different shapes lengths so just rock your own.

For my personal experience I’m giving advice to women who think they’re overweight, because in my case it’s the opposite-  I’m about 5’7 and that’s tall for a 16 year old girl. I weigh about 7 stone and am very self conscious about how thin I look, I’d love to put on weight my body just won’t allow it?

So you see it works both ways. Spending so much time obsessing about body shapes instead of living just doesn’t make sense.

Love yourself for who you are !

Happiness isntsize-specific