Learning, education and employment

“I love all of school! The best things are talking to my friends…drawing and…mmm…. playing!” 

Roma girl

“I hate school.  It’s boring and you have to do work.  I like watching TV in my trailer”. 

Gypsy/Traveller girl

“I hated my teacher.  She ruined school for me.  But I did like some other teachers.” 

Gypsy/Traveller girl

Gypsy/Traveller girl:  I don’t go to school.  And I didnae like it when I did go.  There’s nothing good about it.

Researcher:       Why?

Girl:  Because it’s boring.  The people.  They’re just annoying.  The way they talk and things.

Researcher:       What about the learning?

Girl:  I liked story writing.  And I hated everything else.  I hated the teacher.  I got put in the writer’s book at school three times….I loved writing.

Researcher:       What kind of stories did you like writing?

Girl: Imaginary ones. Things that will never happen.  In high school they wanted me to become a writer.  I kinda a gave it up when I left…

Researcher:       Why did you give it up?

Girl:  I can’t be bothered anymore.  I don’t have a good imagination like I used to.  It was always my favourite at school.  I was rubbish at everything else.