Blogs and Apps for Social Change (BASC): Mobile youths online


BASC Project: Blogs and apps to support mobility and social change

Mobile Youths Online

In 2015/16 STEP established a partnership with an independent community centre in Edinburgh to work with young Traveller girls who do not attend school. Following sessions with a digital artist they were able to create web pages for other young Travellers throughout Scotland. The project has been so successful that we now have additional funds for the young people to develop a ‘stand-alone’ site. A young person’s management team has been established and the group invite contribution on selected themes from others around Scotland.

An increasing number of young people (12-16) who left school at the age of 11/12, are now returning to further education and community services seeking educational opportunities and qualifications. Fittingly, the first topic of focus is ‘jobs and how to get one’ which aims to support other young Travellers into the world of work using social network channels. Young people will create and gather resources and information to support themselves and others. This may include: researching job opportunities (where to look, setting up alerts, using specific websites, social media), completing different types of job application (information you require, writing personal statements), young people’s personal experiences of interviews and top tips for success, and sharing advice from SQA about qualification pathways.

BASC Project: Roma mothers design and co-create a language app.


In 2015, STEP established a self-sustaining Roma community group, led by women for women.  The women identified language as the greatest barriers to accessing services, engaging in school life, and supporting their children’s learning.  So the women suggested that they create a bilingual app with useful words and phrases relevant to their everyday lives. As part of STEP’s BASC project (Blogs and apps to support mobility and social change), this strand of work involves a collaboration with eight Roma mothers in a primary school in Glasgow who meet with a software designer to co-create an interactive bilingual mobile phone app.  The app will initially be in Romanian and English then developed into other languages such as Slovak, Hungarian and Urdu.  Find out more on our research pages and look out for updates on Twitter @mobileandlearn.