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Simple and easy to use, the STEP Digital Families Learning App is a fantastic way to communicate with families on the Digital Families Programme, plan work together and facilitate creative learning.

The app has been designed in consultation with families and teachers to be culturally appropriate and flexible.  It provides a simple, personalised and intuitive interface for:

  • Learning planning and monitoring
  • Creating, saving and submitting work
  • A range of communication methods including face-to-face sessions, weblinks and email
  • Keeping track of attainment
Child using a tablet device

The app: Top 3 features

The app was developed to provide children and young people with an easy to use, personalise learning journal encouraging engagement and ownership in their learning journeys. 

simple, visual & accessible

The app has a simple and visual design so that learners can easily access their work, message their teacher and find useful links. A fun feature for learners is that they can personalise their profile picture and background.

Shared planning

The app has a simple and intuitive feature for teachers and pupils to engage in the shared planning process. Tasks are added to post-its which pupils can tick off once completed. Work can be done within the app via the create a document feature.

Documenting achievement

The learner profile allows teachers and pupils to document progress in curricular subjects as well as record wider achievements. This feature allows you to add any subject and any type of achievement. 

The teacher dashboard

The teacher admin site has been created to support the STEP learning app. All teachers using the app will need to have a teacher admin site account. The admin site allows teachers to view their private dashboard and ‘create students’.  This allows you to activate the learner profile on the pupil’s learning app.  It is essential for teachers to create a student profile so that their pupils can access the STEP learning app through an active learner profile. Contact STEP to be added to the teacher admin site.  You will receive a secure account activation email.  Then follow the step by step instructions on how to activate your account and use the teacher dashboard below. 

Please do get in touch with STEP for more information and virtual training sessions on the app and teacher dashboard.

STEP worked with designers Media Co-op and PaperTank on the development of the app.  We are excited to be able to launch it in November 2020.  In the meantime, the Learning Planner is an excellent way to support learning  journeys.