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Children from mobile cultures and schooling

The children from some mobile communities who attend school, such as Gypsy/ Travellers, have the poorest outcomes in terms of attainment and lower positive destinations in Scottish education.  Many of the children who attend school will need additional support to ensure they get equitable access to the school curriculum.   There are many families who say that they would prefer their children to go to school but they feel that the school curriculum is not relevant to their lives.  Often, their children and young people are educated within the family. This section provides information to support professionals to reach out and try to ensure that the curriculum is accessible.

Mobile lives, data, information and policy

The ‘named person’ service and mobile families

Find out how GIRFEC responds to the needs of mobile culture.

Using data to improve services

Learning from the 2011/2012 and 2012/13 leavers’ data

Mapping the Roma community Scotland

An evidence base to inform service delivery by the Social Marketing Gateway.

Key reports relating to Gypsy/Travellers

From the Scottish Government and Equal Opportunities Committee