Jobs...and how to get one!

Finding pathways to success. A project for young people by young people.

An increasing number of young people (12-16 years) from Gypsy/Traveller communities who left school at the age of 11/12, are now returning to community-based services seeking educational opportunities and qualifications. Funded by Scottish Government, STEP conducted research in partnership with an independent community centre in Edinburgh, and a group of young Gypsy/Traveller girls.  The  project was called ‘jobs and how to get one’ by participants.  The main aim was to support young Travellers to find their own pathways into the world of work using digital channels.  The research set out to understand how the young people from the travelling community might support themselves and others to achieve their career goals.  The group undertook a range of skills-based activities including: researching job opportunities (where to look, setting up alerts, using specific websites, social media), completing different types of job application (cvs, writing personal statements), sharing experiences of interviews and top tips for success, and sharing advice from SQA and other agencies about qualification pathways.  The project participants have selected ‘the best Traveller jobs’ and created advice cards (see right).  STEP will conduct an evaluation of the project and publish recommendations for use in a range of settings.