Bilingual recipes created by mums

A group of Slovakian mums worked with project facilitators, including a translator and an EAL teacher, to create a range of resources which could support their language learning.  One of their main aims was to be able to support their children’s literacy development.  The mums wanted the resources to be engaging, culturally relevant and support practical family activities at home.   One of the results was a bilingual cookbook highlighting the recipes the mums had used during baking and cooking workshops. The cookbook is filled with traditional Slovakian recipes, which the mums shared with the facilitators.  The cookbook is now being published so that many more families can benefit.  Watch this space for the final product…in the meantime you can have a look below at some extracts from the cookbook.

STEP works with families, schools and communities to produce culturally sensitive and relevant resources.  Most recently, we have been collaborating with a Primary school in Glasgow to create multilingual information guides for new families.  The guides will feature on STEP’s and the school’s websites.  If you would like help to produce cultural resources, or you have made your own resources, we’d love to see them and share them with other schools, families and practitioners.