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B is for Bow tent

The Traveller Alphabet Book


Have you ever been inside a bow tent? Ask your family what they know about bow tents. 

What were the good things about a bow tent?

What might have been the challenges?

What things do you think would be important?

Think about how you would keep warm, sleep and eat.

What would make a good place to erect the bow tent?


After chatting to your family about bow tents create a picture of you and your family either inside or outside the tent.

Remember to include all the detail of where it is (by a hill, river or beach) and all the things that you need to have inside to make it comfortable.


Bow tents were traditional homes used by Scottish Travellers. They were constructed from flexible branches, which were put together to create a curved, bow-shaped structure. The bow shape was covered with a canvas cover, which would be tied on to keep it secure. Beds would be made from straw or leaves.