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C is for Chavvies

The Traveller Alphabet Book


What is a chavvie?

The artist has put all the chavvies on a white background. Can you imagine where each of the chavvies might be (home, school, travelling)?

Each of the chavvies in the picture have been caught in action by the artist. What do you think each of them does next?

What kinds of activities do you like to do with your friends and family?


Make some chavvies
You will need:

Wooden sticks (from ice lollies or small branches)

card or paper, scissors and sellotape

Coloured pens or paints

Cut out 4 small paper circles. Draw a chavvie’s face on each one. It can be someone you know or imagine.

Sellotape the faces onto sticks. You can decorate the sticks with cut out clothes shapes.

Now make a story
One day I was walking ……..

I met four chavvies. Their names were……

They asked me if……

What happens next?
You can paint a background for your chavvies and arrange them to show what happens in the story. You could take photos of the different stages of the story.

Send your chavvie photos to STEP – all links at the bottom of the page


Traveller chavvies can be highly independent from an early age. Some may work alongside parents doing seasonal work or in the family business learning new skills. Older chavvies often head to the berries (strawberry and raspberry picking) to get extra money.

Some chavvies may take care of wee ones, help with household chores and teach younger ones practical skills such as cooking, sewing and ironing.

Traveller chavvies are confident and comfortable having conversations with older chavvies and adults.