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'My Journey'

Art Challenge and Online Exhibition 2023

Take up the art challenge on the theme of ‘My journey’! We want all children and young people to use art to share ideas about their journeys. The challenge is open to all school classes and individual young people of all ages in Scotland and beyond.

Be creative and use any art and design materials to share your ideas. We’d love to see drawing, painting, printmaking, 3-dimensional art, digital art and video. Try to use the best materials for the job. The main thing is to show us your creative talent and to say something unique about what your journey means to you. 

An iPad will be awarded to the most creative artwork in each of three age categories: up to 7 years, 8-11 years, and over 12s. Judges will include a practicing artist and Scottish Traveller Stacey Hilton.


My Journey theme

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Check out our inspiration boxes below to get inspiration before you start.

Artists from nomadic communities

This inspiration box provides links to wonderful artists from traditionally nomadic communities. You’ll find a wide range of artists using all sorts of techniques – from the futuristic digital creations by Irish/Scottish Traveller Dean Rheims to Scottish Traveller Stacey Hilton’s 3-dimensional art installations. Think about who’s work speaks to you the most or maybe you relate to an artist or their journey more than the others? Think about what each artist is trying to tell you about their relationship with travelling or experiences of journeys…


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Artwork exploring journeys

In this inspiration box, we’ve brought together examples of art that has been produced about travelling and journeys. Think about what kinds of journeys are represented? How does the art make you feel? What techniques have they used?


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Art techniques to help you get started!

In this inspiration box you’ll find links and videos showing a wide range of creative art making techniques that you can try out when making you artwork. If you are using digital media, then have a look at the apps and tools we’ve suggested that are great for making digital art using iPads or your phone, digital paint tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI).