Young people

This section contains the ideas and views of children and young people from travelling communities throughout Scotland. Some young people attend school regularly, others have never attended, some live on sites, others live in houses.  STEP works with these young people in partnership with local authority staff. The information is shared through working on participative and learning projects.

Did you know that…you have lots of choices?

“We know we are listened to because…



…the teacher asked me what subjects I liked and I said I wanted to get better at Maths.  She got me extra help twice a week to catch up and now I don’t need it.”


…when we came at first my mum couldn’t speak English and she didn’t get out much. The people at the school are helping her now and it’s much better.”


…the teacher asks me all about travelling and she gave me books and a DVD  to help when we were away. Sometimes she phones me to see if I need help.”



…I asked the teacher if I could be the lead person in the show and my mum and dad and wee brothers all came to see me.  My family was dead proud.”

Did you know that…we’re looking for help?

Useful websites

Enquire is a website for young people who may need a little extra help with their school or learning.
Savvy Chavvy
Savvy Chavvy is a social network for young Gypsies and Travellers. It allows young Gypsies and Travellers to communicate freely amongst each other in a safe place.  
Scottish Child Law Centre
The Scottish Child Law Centre is the only law centre in Scotland that works exclusively for children and young people. They provide legal advice and information about the law for kids. If you are Under 18, you can phone them free on 0800 328 8970, Monday to Friday, 09.30 – 4.00
Article 12
Article 12 is a network led by and for young people in Scotland. It works to inform young people of their rights and how to join in with groups working to achieve their rights. The Article12 website has a full page for Gypsy/Traveler young people.
Scottish Youth Parliament
The Scottish Youth Parliament is the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people. Find out how to have your say in the political process and how to get in touch with the Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament in the area where you are living.  
Young Scot
Young Scot offers all sorts of information, advice and support for people in Scotland aged 11-26. You can also sign up for a Young Scot National Entitlement Card, which is a smart card that gives you discounts on all kinds of things such as eating out, sport and leisure, clothes and travel. The Young Scot card also works as proof of your ID.
World's Fair
World’s Fair is a weekly newspaper encompassing the interests of travelling Showpeople, funfair enthusiasts, circus lovers and the steam rally and preservation industry.
Travellers' Times
Travellers’ Times is an online and paper magazine for Travellers in the UK. It will give you lots of interesting information regarding the cultures, education, work and homes of Travellers, let you see what’s been going on in the news, and provide you with links to other people and services. Travellers’ Times is also on Facebook so you can sign up for updates.
Friends, Families and Travellers
Friends, Families and Travellers is a charity that works on behalf of all Gypsies and Travelers regardless of ethnicity, culture or background.

Did you know that…all young people have rights?