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Adult literacy

Find information, programmes and resources for adults seeking to further their literacy learning. Get in touch for more information and support.

Adult literacy programmes

Check out the Padlet below where we’ve put together community-based opportunities for language and literacy learning.

Improving assessment: We need you!

As an extension of the successful Digital Rapid Assessment Guide (DRAG) for nomadic pupils, STEP is currently developing a bespoke Rapid Assessment Guide for Adults (RAGA). The initiative aims to create a culturally appropriate and accessible tool to make quick assessments of new adult learners. Please get in touch with STEP if you would like to be involved in the design and development process.

Adult literacy drop-in surgeries

Do you need support or information to improve your literacy?  Call us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 2pm and 4pm.  We will put you in touch with someone who can help in your local area.

Call or text: 0131 651 6444/ 07386656710

Community-based learning

Use STEP’s interactive map to find your local community learning and development contact. They can help you find learning opportunities in your area.

Digital media and literacy learning

Interested in flexible online learning programmes? Want to find apps to help with everyday reading and writing? Check out the Padlets below where we’ve put together useful information and links to help you find literacy learning programmes and resources that suits you.


Can I gain skills to help my children’s learning?

STEP has lots of learning resources for family-based learning. Get in touch with STEP for printed copies.


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Please get in touch with STEP to find out how to get support developing your literacy learning.