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Our vision is to be a centre for excellence supporting education leaders, teachers, and families to ensure that education is accessible, authentic and has the highest expectations for all children and young people from nomadic cultures in Scotland.


 Launched in 2021, STEP Starter Sack home-play programme supports early learning at home for Gypsy/Traveller children. All Traveller families taking part receive a ‘STEP Starter Sack’ which contains materials, community produced resources and learning activities to explore as a family. The Starter Sacks contain activity cards with QR code that link to videos to extend learning and play. The programme supports and reinforces play-based pedagogy and culturally sustaining early education for traditionally nomadic communities. 

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What do children’s rights mean for children and young people from the Traveller community?

The views and experiences of children and young people from travelling communities can tell us much about the barriers that exist within our education system. These videos illustrate our rights-based approach to education.

Artcile 28 Your right to an education

Article 2 Non-discrimination

Article 42 Knowledge of rights

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STEP Events

STEP events are free and accessible to all involved in the delivery of education for Gypsy/Traveller young people.  Scroll through the months on the calendar and click on each event to find out more or join a live session.

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