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Adult literacy drop-in

Are you an adult who would like help or information about reading and writing? Contact us on 07399 706445 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 2pm and 4pm

‘My Journey’

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Young voices from travelling communities talk about education

The views and experiences of children and young people from travelling communities can tell us much about the barriers that exist within our education system. The videos below can help us reflect on the challenges the young people face and support our planning for positive change.

Do you think Traveller culture is well understood in schools?

How do you continue with your learning while travelling?

How does school-based education work with a Traveller lifestyle?

STEP Events

STEP events are free and accessible to all involved in the delivery of education for Gypsy/Traveller young people.  Scroll through the months on the calendar and click on each event to find out more or join a live session.

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