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The LEARNING PLANNER at a glance

The Learning Planner is distributed to families as part of the Digital Families Programme.  The Planner has been designed particularly for learners who do not attend school regularly and whose families may be unfamiliar with supporting learning.  The Planner works in several ways to:

  • encourage parental involvement in children’s learning
  • ensure that cultural skills and values are embedded in planning learning
  • offer a coherent learning pathway that is reviewed and developed
  • offer an ‘at a glance’ record of learning for a range of different staff

Focus on the learner journey

Putting the child at the centre

It is important for learners to be able to take a lead role in planning their learning journey.  This approach ensures that content is interest-driven, engaging and motivates future learning. 

The planner also creates opportunities to involve the wider family in discussions. When families believe that the curriculum is relevant to their lives and culture they are more likely to offer support at home.

putting learning in context

The one-year journey template helps learners and their families to see their day-to-day learning in the context  of their longer term ambitions. Learners can discuss what they would like to achieve and the teacher will be able to help by suggesting the various steps needed to get there.  

The role of parents and carers takes on an additional significance in remote and blended learning situations where access to a teacher is limited.

Weekly planning

By drawing on the agreed aspirations in the One Year planner the teacher and learner will be able to take a cross-curricular approach and create weekly plans. Keep in mind that many family activities and skills can be recognised and recorded as learning. Additionally, new opportinities and challenges will arise over the course of the year and you may often deviate from the plan. 

Discussion and feedback on progress

The planner contains pages to guide reflection and provide weekly feedback on engagement with learning and progress being made.  Along with the the long-term planner, these weekly records can help young people and their families understand the value of using evidence to demonstrate their attainment and wider achievements.

You can download copies of the Learning Planner

Or get in touch with STEP if you would like physical copies.