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Community voices

An animation describing life as a young Traveller

We are delighted that a group of young Scottish Travellers from Coupar Angus Primary School have added their voices to help people increase their understanding of Traveller life.  As part of a STEP arts project, this group of pupils decided that it was important for their peers, teachers and wider community to know more about what it means to be a Traveller. Animation is one of many inclusive and accessible visual communication tools that help young people to express ideas and beliefs about their culture. STEP collaborated with expert animator, Jim Stirk, to deliver school-based workshops where the pupils could develop their digital animation skills to produce the film. The final film, ‘The Two Fires’, shares their stories and offers a deep insight into the pride that the these young people feel for their culture and heritage. The tradition of storytelling around the fire that they illustrate is long held through the generations.

“The Two Fires”

It’s about us. It’s about Travellers. About who we are – what we do. People don’t know enough about Travellers. I want teachers or other people to know more. Like that family is most important.

Young Scottish Traveller pupil