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I is for Ill-tricket

The Traveller Alphabet Book


Did you know what ill-tricket means? Does anyone in your family use the word?

Is there a character in a book who is an ill-tricket?

What about a brother or a sister or even a pet? Are they ill-trickets?

How do they behave?


Being ill-tricket or mischievous can mean being playful and having fun but not meaning to cause any harm. Sometimes it can also mean being a bit naughty.

Write ill-tricket in the middle of a page. Now draw a few pictures around the word of children being a bit naughty or getting up to mischief.

Think about what happened afterwards. Did the children get into trouble for waht they had done or was it just good fun?


Ill-tricket is a Scottish Cant phrase from Perthshire meaning mischievous child.