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Z is for Zzzzz

The Traveller Alphabet Book


Bedtime routines are different for everyone. For some, it means locking all doors and windows and ensuring anything electrical is switched off.

For others, such as Travellers, it could include making sure the campfire is out, that water has been collected and boiled for the next day and that all non-waterproof items are brought inside and trailers are secure.

What do you do to get ready for bed?

Some people might also read or listen to a story or book before bed as part of their bedtime routine.

Do you have a favourite bedtime story?


Next time you are in the countryside lie on the ground, close your eyes and think about all the things you can hear and smell. Make a list.

Compare these sounds and smells with being in a built-up area like a town or city. Which do you prefer? Which makes it easier to have a good sleep?


Zzz simply captures the idea of time for bed. For Travellers this often means sleeping close to nature.

Sleeping in a trailer or a tent away from buildings allows your senses to hear, see and smell different things as you nod off to sleep.

Have you ever tried lying down on the ground and looking up at the stars?