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Tying knots for ponies




Carrick bend

Strangle knot O’Hand

Bowline knot

Practising knots

You will need:

Twine, rope or string

Scissors or a knife

A large rock

Look at the pictures of the four knots.

Practise making each of them.

What other knots can you find on the internet? Which is your favourite knot?

Test which one is the strongest by trying to lift the rock.

Record on your I pad how you tested the strength of the knot by trying to lift the rock


Watch the videos below and practise until you can tie the knot without instructions.

Can you think of times when the quick release knot will be useful?

Do a drawing of the quick release knot in action.

Write or say the instructions to help someone else make a quick release knot.

More out more videos and information about knots on animated knots https://www.animatedknots.com/basic-knots

Watch this video on how to tie a bowline knot

Watch this video on how to tie a strangle knot