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TENET - The Traveller Education Network (Scotland)

A professional learning community dedicated

to Traveller families and education

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TENET (the Scottish Traveller Education Network) is a professional learning community dedicated to the education of all mobile communities, including Show families and European Roma.  

Members collaborate with each other and STEP in the production of resources, case studies, qualitative research, training and information exchange to benefit the education of mobile families throughout Scotland. STEP hosts a networking and training workshop once each term for all TENET members.


TENET came into being in 1998 when some of Scotland’s local authorities identified a need for a professional network to support Gypsy/Traveller access to and experiences of education in Scotland. The network has developed into a formal forum supported and administered by STEP through Scottish Government funding.

In collaboration with STEP, TENET has been involved in consulting and informing Scottish policy development, particularly the guidance to accompany ‘named person’ aspects of The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 and the development of the Scottish Government’s new national guidance ‘Improving educational outcomes for children and young people from travelling cultures‘.

In recent years TENET has strengthened in number and impact.

Get Involved

TENET membership is made up of local authority staff who have direct responsibility for the education of mobile communities.

TENET members meet once a term for a day of professional development and networking.  The group identifies priorities to reflect the changing policy landscape.  TENET members also network, collaborate and share practice through the TENET Microsoft Teams group.

Contact STEP to find out more about joining TENET.