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Digital Teacher

Your Digital Teacher is here to support your learning, transitions or help you follow your career pathways.

What is a Digital Teacher?

The Digital Teacher may work remotely or face-to-face with you depending on your situation. They will help you create a personal learning plan. Your plan will be individual about the skills you want to develop and the path you want to follow. The Digital Teacher can help you with a project, work towards awards and qualifications, and help you to develop skills for your chosen career path.  

What skills can the Digital Teacher help me improve?


The Digital Teacher can help you with school work, career planning or learn skills such as: 

Using the iPad to help with reading, writing and numeracy  

Finding information and keeping safe online  

Creative skills like editing photographs and video

Using different software and online learning platforms 



Hear straight from our digital teachers about the work they’ve done with different young people from travelling communitities.  

I worked face-to-face with a young person called Joyce who had recently left Primary school and was not attending secondary school. We made a planin person together. Joyce wanted to improve her Maths and Literacy skills. She enjoyed creative writing and we made that the focus of our Literacy work. For Maths, we agreed to focus on Joyce’s confidence with number processes and using Maths in real life contexts, such as in cooking and budgeting. To build on Joyce’s interest in cooking, we set up a cooking project working towards a Dynamic Youth Award. We worked together once or twice a week, depending on what the family were doing at the time. We kept in contact through the STEP app and through Joyce’s mum on the phone. Joyce and her mother, Mary, recognise that she is keen to continue learning and we have discussed the possibility of access courses to college in the future. 


Digital teacher

I worked with Christine who was 15 years old and did not attend secondary school.  She hoped to improve her reading, writing and number skills with me. She wanted to be a beautician. I called Christine on the phone once every 1 – 2 weeks to discuss activities and progress.  After the conversation, I set work by adding information onto the Teacher’s Board within the STEP app.  Activities usually included Literacy, Numeracy and other subjects such as Digital Literacy or Beauty Therapy.  On the Teacher’s Board, I wrote what Christine was to complete that week, adding information and links to help her understand the task. This term the literacy focus was grammar and adding more description to writing. When Christine completed her activities, she uploaded her documents to the STEP app which would send the work directly and securely  to me. I marked the work then would give feedback and plan the next steps with Christine over the phone and via the STEP app. 


Digital teacher

Please get in touch with STEP to find out how to get support from our digital teachers.  We look forward to working with young people to achieve their goals. Contact us now