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Create a fact file

Before you start this activity do the tutorial on your iPad or phone.

Open the Book Creator app.

1. Add a new book – tap the new book at top left of the screen.

2. Choose a shape for your book. You have three options – portrait, square of landscape.

3. Make your front cover. Choose a colour and font. Tap ‘INSPECTOR’ button at the top right to custom your colour.

4. Add text to your title – if you make a mistake – tap the UNDO button.

5. Add an image – either choose the camera to take a photograph or choose a photograph saved from the internet.

6. Add a new page by tapping the large + button.

7. Preview your book in i books.

8. Save your book.

Make your fact file

You will need:

an iPad and Book Creator app

Research ‘pit ponies’ on the internet and write down four facts that you find interesting.

You could think about:

Why ponies were used?

What was the role of the pit pony ?

Who looked after them?

Now open the Book Creator app. Start by making a picture for the cover of your book – this can be a picture of the pit pony , the mines or the pit pony on their holiday.

Put a fact on each page. You can write, draw or record your own voice. Try to copy some images from the internet and include them on your pages.

Create and save your book. Share it with your family and friends.

Pit pony facts

  • Pit ponies were mainly used in coalmines in the 1800s and early to mid-1900s.
  • One of reasons for the strong bond between the miner and the pony was the belief that the ponies had a sixth sense and could alert the miners to danger.
  • The ponies were fed on a diet of chopped hay and maize.
  • Pit ponies strength made them able to pull heavy carts and their small size allowed them to manoeuvre in cramped conditions.