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While you listen…

Think about how the pony feels.

Also think about how the miner feels.

If you were granted a wish to change something in this story what would you change about the life of the pony or the miner?

Romani author Richard O’Neill read his story about Polonius, a pit pony. The story comes from Richard’s book ‘Tales from the wagon’. You can buy Richard’s books from: Child’s Play Bookshop

After hearing the story

Polonius the pit pony found freedom. What do you think the pony would enjoy most? Why?

The Travellers looked after Polonius and played with him. He looked happy. Why do you think it was still important for him to be a hero?

Polonius was not frightened in the fog. Why?

Determination and courage are important throughout the story. When have you been determined to finish something? Did you manage? How did you feel?

When have you had to show courage? How did you really feel?

Evaluating the story


Who or what was your favourite character? What did you like about them?

Who or what was your least favourite character? What did you dislike about them?


What did you think about the illustrations?

What could have made them better?

Think about colours, or details or expressions.

Are they too simple or too complicated?

Story length

Did you read or listen to the story in one go?

Did you think it could have be longer or shorter?

Overall evaluation

What did you learn from reading the story?

Has the story made you want to find out something new? What?

Overall marks out of 10?