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Learning through stories

About the story resources

There is a strong tradition of storytelling in travelling communities with each generation passing stories to the next.  By including Scottish Traveller stories teachers can ensure that Traveller culture is represented in the curriculum – raising awareness and respect for the culture for all children.  The familiar references will also provide a focus for Traveller children to excel by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

We love our children and we love our children to hear the stories.

Jess Smith, Scottish Traveller, writer and storyteller

How to use the resources

The resources included below can be used in school and at home. They can be enjoyed by children of all ages from all cultures and they offer little insights into Gypsy/Traveller lives and traditions.

Teachers can direct families to the materials using their phones or other digital devices. Alternatively, they can use the stories as starting points for planning cross-curricular learning with Traveller children or as a whole class project.



Scottish Traveller writer Jess Smith reads a story about friendship and loyalty. Jess comes from a strong tradition of storytelling.


The lost homework by Romani author Richard O’Neill is a story about the learning experiences that the main character has over a weekend spent with family.


Romani author Richard O’ Neill shares his beautiful story about a pit pony who finds a new life. The story deals with issues around courage and determination.


Wee Bessie enjoys an ideal Traveller lifestyle with her mammy, daddy and dog. However, she is saddened when she is left out at school.