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Wee Bessie

Look at the picture

Look at the picture

Do you think there will be a problem in this story? Why/why not?

What do you think Wee Bessie is thinking about in this picture? What clues are you using?

Wee Bessie is a story written by David Pullar and illustrated by Ruthie Redden.

It is read by the Scottish Traveller writer and storyteller Jess Smith.

Watch the film and chat about the questions

Does the story remind you of you or your family? In what ways?

What would you do if you were wee Bessie and the other children would not let you play with them?

When you listen to the story what pictures tell you that wee Bessie is happy and which ones tell you she is sad. What would you like to change for wee Bessie?

Wee Bessie loves her daddy Sandy, mammy Maggie and her collie dog Ricky. Think about your family. Who is special to you? Why?