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Make a sock puppet

Wee Bessie loved all animals

In this activity you will make a sock puppet. Think about some of your favourite animals. You could try to make a fox, a dog, a mouse or a bird.


How to make a sock puppet: what you need

To make your sock puppet, you will need:

An old sock



Needle and thread (and an adult helper) or glue


Felt pens


How to make a sock puppet: What you do

Choose a sock and put your hand right down to the bottom. Have fun moving your hand to make an animal mouth. Try moving the mouth to match your voice. Try using different accents.

Draw eyes on the sock or on a card shape and either sew them on or use glue. Think about the animal you are making and the shape of their eyes.

Draw ears on some card or material and either sew them on or use glue. Draw whisker if your puppet needs them.

Play with your puppet again and try out a voice for your character. Create a little story about your animal. Give your family a performance.


Create a home for your puppet. Do a search online to find out about where your animal lives. You could start with a box and find natural things outside to create the home.