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Rainbow palette from nature

Wee Bessie loved being in the outdoors and looking at all the flowers, berries and animals.

Look out of the window.

How many different colours can you see outside in nature?

Make a nature rainbow

You will need:

A strip of paper or material


Go outside into your garden, yard or a park and collect as many different coloured things from nature as you can find.

See how many different shades of green, red, purple and yellow you can find.

Take your piece of paper or material and arrange the things you have found in a rainbow. Start with the red things, then the orange things, then the yellow things and so on. Which colour did you end with? Take a photo.


Could you create a picture using the coloured things you’ve gathered. Draw an outline of a picture then stick the coloured things in different shape areas. Take a photo of your art and send it to the STEP gallery.

Sing a rainbow and learn the rainbow colours