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A is for Adam’s bairns

The Traveller Alphabet Book


In this picture Jo Waterhouse, the artist, has created a collage. The word collage comes from the French word coller which means to stick different things together. We usually do this in art to make a picture.

If you look closely can you tell where Jo has made changes to the pictures of people. Can you see what Jo has done to make all the people look the same?

Chat to an older member of your family about what makes you the same or different from others around you. Usually there are lots of differences and some things where you might be the same.


Make your own collage
You will need:

  • scissors
  • magazines with pictures of people or old photos of your friends and family.

Can you create a collage like Jo’s?

If you can’t use old photos you could cut people that you like out of magazines. You might want to use coloured pencils to make some changes to the people.

Think about why you are making changes and what the changes show.

Ask if you can send your pictures to STEP and we will share them on our families website.


This phrase is often used by Travellers to remind us that we are equal and all part of one extended family.

Some people say that it refers to Adam & Eve but others question this as it carries the same meaning across many religions.