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P is for Plunkies

The Traveller Alphabet Book


Can you guess what plunkies are from the picture?
Do you have a favourite plunkie?

What happens if we eat too many plunkies?

Are you good at sharing your plunkies? Why is it good to share?


Create your own plunkies

You will need:

– Marshmallows

– Chocolate

– Smarties or minstrels

Break the chocolate into little bits and put in a bowl. Get a grown up to help you melt the chocolate. You can put it in the microwave for 15 seconds or place it over a pot of hot water and stir until it melts. Put a blob of chocolate on each marshmallow and then put a smartie on top. Now you have a top hat!
Design your own sweetie wrapper for your top hats.

Look at other plunkie wrappers.

What material will you use? Foil, cellophane, coloured paper or cardboard?

Add some designs and patterns.

Information finding:

Can you find out how different types of plunkies are made?

What techniques are used?

What machines are used? Are they hand made? Or in a factory?