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O is for Ockto

The Traveller Alphabet Book


Say the word ockto out loud. Does it sound like the word eight in any way?

Can you count ockto using your famels?

Can you trace ockto using your finger in the air?

Can you find ockto things in your home and count them.

Can you split them into two?

How many on each side?


Do you know of any creatures that have ockto arms or legs?

How many legs does an octopus have? Say the words octopus and ockto out loud. What do you notice?

Can you draw a creature with ockto arms or legs?

You can draw a creature that you know about or you can imagine one.


Ockto is English Cant for the number 8.

Many Scottish Cant words such as those for numbers have also been lost over time.

In the past, such as during the Highland Clearances, Travellers were banned from speaking in their own tongue. As a result, the Scottish Cant has been worn away.