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R is for Rag and Bone

The Traveller Alphabet Book


What do people do nowadays with things that they no longer need or want?

Have you ever changed something to make it look better or give it a better use?

Has anyone in your family ever sold something you no longer need?


Upcycling a toy.

Choose one of your old toys that you don’t use any more.

Think about how you can transform it to make it more interesting.

Can you change it’s colours? Can you add things to it? For example, you could use bits of cloth, wood, scrap metal, coat hangers, lids.

Give your toy a new name. Take a photograph.


Rag and bone men and women were folk who collected scrap metal and other bits and bobs to sell.

They used to go round houses on a horse and cart to sell their goods. Children loved to go and see what was on the rag and bone cart.