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S is for strods

The Traveller Alphabet Book


Do you know any other words for shoes?

Can you have a look at all the different types of strods that people in your house own.

Do they have different purposes? What are they used for?

Can you write or say 2 words to describe these strods:

• Wellies –

• Slippers –

• School shoes –

• Trainers –


The illustration above was created by the artist Jo Waterhouse.

Do you like Jo’s illustration?

It is very simple but the strods seem very big and strong and they really stand out.

How has Jo made them look big and strong? Think about the detail of the shapes, the drawing and the colours.

Have a look at Jo’s other illustrations on her website HERE. Choose your favourite illustration and show it to someone else. Tell them why you like it.


Strods is Scottish Cant for shoes.