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X is for X Marks the Spot

The Traveller Alphabet Book


Where is your favourite place to travel to?

Do you go camping or travelling? How do you choose where to go?

Ask an older relative where they liked to travel to when they were younger.


Help us to create a map of Traveller camps across Scotland. Send STEP any pictures or stories about the places that your family like to visit nowadays or in the past.


Open a map, shut your eyes and let your finger land somewhere on the map.
Now open your eyes and find out about the place where your finger has landed.

Look the place up on google maps or google earth. What does it look like in real life? Are there rivers, hills or sea nearby?


Although Traveller families often need to travel to certain places for work, many families talk about the joy of travelling being at the heart of their culture and being able to travel where they want.

X marks the spot captures the freedom to choose where and when to travel, camp and live.