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About the STEP Family Learning App

The STEP learning app has been designed to mitigate against the challenges that are faced by children from travelling families when learning at home. Unfamiliarity with tablet devices and low confidence using digital technology for learning has left many families unable to support their children.  Free to download for iOS, the design of the app has aimed to create a simple interface where basic tools for learning are brought together within the app. Learners can plan, write, draw, photograph and link to all their work tasks.  Learners can easily communicate with and send work to their teacher or learning helper.

Special features

Simple, visual and accessible

The app has a simple and visual design enabling learners to access their work easily, message their teacher and find links in one place. Each learner has their own profile and desktop area which can be personalised using their own photographs and background colours – this is particularly useful where there are several learners in one family are sharing a device.

Sharing tasks

The app offers a unique approach to planning learning. Teachers and pupils can plan together over the phone or video and record agreed tasks on coloured post-it notes. Pupils can select a task each day and tick off when completed. Tasks can be colour-coded to subject areas. All tasks can then be done from within the app using the ‘create a document’ feature.

Documenting achievement

The learner profile allows teachers and pupils to document progress in each curricular subjects as well as record wider achievements. This feature allows the addition of any subject and any type of achievement.  Learners may choose to add sports or activities that are culturally relevant that lie outwith the school curriculum. Progress records can be maintained while the children and young people are travelling.

App user guide and support material



This section provides detailed information and instructions about using the app and is intended for teachers who are participating in the Digital Families programme.

Please get in touch with step if you would like to get involved.