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E-tools for professional learning

These e-tools for professional development aim to help teachers extend their skills and knowledge for hybrid and remote teaching with mobile communities. The resources are designed so that teachers can watch, share, and learn new digital techniques that can provide solutions to common barriers to learning for Gypsy/Travellers.


Using built-in iPad apps

The STEP learning app

Improving accessibility

How-To videos for Gypsy/Traveller pupils and their families

STEP has developed a series of simple How To videos to share with learners and their families to help increase their participation and accessibility in learning. The How To series focuses on using a range of simple apps to support learning on the iPad, and how to make the iPad device create more effective learning experiences through its accesibility features.

Accesibility features

Using the homescreen

Using Numbers

Using Notes

Using the camera

Using Pages

Using Clips

Using Maps