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Find out how you can take part in the art challenge

The challenge

Can you create an artwork based on a journey you have taken?  The definition of journey is to travel from one place to another. Do you make regular journeys with your family? Have you been on a journey by yourself? Maybe you are part of a community who follows a traditional shifting pattern. Or are you from a more settled travelling community?  Ask your older family members about the journeys they used to take when they were young. What places did they visit?  Can you find them on a map?  Ask them what did they do, who did they meet and what they got up to.

Now see if you can create an artwork about journeys.  You could show your own journey or one that was taken by your family members recently or in the past.  You could show the route or one of the stops along the way.  You can use any art and design materials to share your ideas. Art can be drawing, painting, printmaking, 3-dimensional art, digital art or video. 

We are looking for some unique artworks that show unique ideas, imagination and good use of art materials.  We have prizes for each age group and everyone will be included in our online art exhibition. Have fun!

Introduction to journeys and travelling



How to take part in the art challenge

It’s easy to take part. Take at least two photos of your work using a camera, a tablet or your mobile phone.

If your work is 3D take at least 3 photos from different angles.

If your work is digital, just send the image or video file. 

Label the files with your name.

Email or direct message (DM) STEP with your image files, name, age and a contact email or mobile number so that we can contact you.

Important dates:

Closing date for entries 30 November 2023

Finalists announced 20 December 2023

Exhibition goes live 12 January 2024


Please note that by submitting your work, you are agreeing for the work to be displayed on the STEP website and social media channels. Your artwork can be shared and displayed either showing your name or without your name. Please let us know with your submission details if you do not want people to see your name beside your work.



Artists from nomadic communities

In this inspirationbox we’ve provided links to wonderful artists from traditionally nomadic communities. You’ll find a wide range of artists using all sorts of techniques – from the futuristic digital creations by Irish/Scottish Traveller Dean Rheims to Scottish Traveller Stacey Hilton’s 3-dimensional art installations. Think about who’s work speaks to you the most or maybe you relate to an artist or their journey more than the others? Think about what each artist is trying to tell you about their relationship with travelling or experiences of journeys…


Made with Padlet


Artwork exploring journeys

In this inspiration box, we’ve brought together examples of artwork that have been produced about travelling and journeys. Think about what kinds of journeys are represented? How does the art make you feel? What techniques have they used?

Art techniques to help you get started!

In this inspiration, you’ll find links and videos showing a wide range of creative art making techniques that you can try out when making you art work. If you are using digital media, then take a look at the apps and tools we’ve suggested that are great for making digital art using iPads or your phone, digital paint tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Have fun!

Contact step if you have any questions.

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