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School leaders have a fundamental role in educational change and improving outcomes for GRT communities. 

community Experiences

Hear what parents, children and young people from the GRT community have to say about their experiences of education.

“Don't get me wrong, as a Traveller you keep yourself to yourself and you're glad that nobody's chapping on your door but it's not fair in education they talk about no child slipping through the net. Well they've got a net and it's only the Traveller bairns they are letting slip through it.”

Social justice

Many parents from the Gypsy/Traveller community do not feel that their children's rights and entitlements are met in the same way as other minority groups....

“Schools and education see themselves as inclusive. Everyone is welcome and included. But it’s not how it is. When it comes to racism, it’s bypassed. I literally got told by a teacher I don’t have time. What am I supposed to do in that situation? ...if the schools are saying they’re inclusive, BE inclusive.”


Young people from Gypsy/Traveller communities can feel excluded, discriminated against, and powerless if not listened to. It is vital for school leaders to ensure that inclusive policies and values are implemented in practice.

“During lockdown everything was recorded and pupils could access it from the house. It could be simple as a teacher talking over a PowerPoint that could be downloaded onto a USB stick if the family didn’t have the Internet. All this was happening during lockdown and then after, it stopped. Everyone went back to normal. There just needs to be more effort. ”

The right to access education

Many Gypsy/Traveller families want their children to engage in education however as the quote suggests, many schools do not facilitate access to education while travelling in an effective or successful way. Leaders need to develop consistent and effective model for remote learning.



Improvement planning


Raising expectations

Enrolment procedures, and admin systems