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Education for Gypsy/Traveller families


Take part in #canwedomore

In November, STEP launched the #canwedomore campaign, which asks questions about what needs to be done to improve education outcomes for travelling communities.   We are asking all educators to use the prompt cards below as part of teaching and learning or CLD sessions — or warm up by sending a message to the First Minister!  Share your young people’s responses with STEP.  We will showcase them on our website and use them to inform policy, decision makers and practitioners. 

Download your set of cards here #canwedomore

Contact STEP if you would like to receive a printed set of cards.



…to help travelling families move  between schools?


…to make education more relevant to Traveller lives and work?


…to make Traveller pupils feel safe within the school?


? #canwedomore

…to make Traveller families feel that they belong and are valued within the school community?



…to help with enrolment, form filling and other communication?