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Learning Resources

Here you will find activities to help children and young people learn from home.
Age range
A Graphic Novel about bullying behaviour

A thought-provoking story about two Gypsy/Travellers’ experiences of discrimination.

An introduction to animation for learning

Try simple animation using these videos at home, on sites or in other settings.

Animation 2: Creating 2D artwork

Get useful ideas for creating 2D artwork for creative approaches to learning.

Animation 3: creating 3D artwork and animation

This resource has practical videos on how to create plasticine puppets and artwork for 3D animations.

Counting with pictures

Explore Traveller culture while learning to count

Create a Comic Strip

This resource supports the development of creative and storytelling skills through comic book templates.

Create a Kenning poem

Learn more about Kenning poems and how to make one!

Cultural and accessible resources to support literacy development

Find culturally relevant reading materials and other literacy development resources.

Cultural reading materials

Find culturally relevant reading materials and other literacy resources.

Learning through stories

Use these Traveller stories to raise awareness of Traveller culture for all children.

Literacy and storytelling through animation

Explore animation as a creative tool to make literacy learning accessible and exciting for young Travellers.

Make a flower headband

Learn more about flowers and how to make natural headbands

Make a story and create a comic strip

How to draw characters and props for a graphic story. This resource supports the development of creative and storytelling skills using multiple different text forms.

Page Styles

Who or what was your favourite character?

Snapshot activities for early learning

Watch these short videos for outdoor learning ideas, loose parts play and making, creating and exploring in nature.

Teacher in the trailer

Join Sean in his trailer for fun activities to help young children improve their number skills.

The Travellers’ ABC

This resource encourages you to explore and enjoy the Cant language.

Tying knots for ponies

Learn about quick release knots and how to tie them

Using technology outdoors

Ideas for creative learning outdoors.

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