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STEP Starter Sack Home-Play Programme for Gypsy/Travellers

STEP has now disseminated 201 starter sacks, reaching families in 14 Scottish local authorities. A big thank you to all TENET members, ELC settings, Gypsy/Traveller sites, schools and other partners who have worked hard to help us reach so many children.

Four local authorities are now in phase 2 of the programme and have disseminated the yellow Science Starter Sack to families in their local areas. The Science Sacks serve as a follow-on to the original home-play Starter Sack and include new multimedia learning materials that compliment and extend learning. The programme is already having a pronounced impact with increased uptake of nursery places and a number of school enrolments for older childrenWe have also supported a number of parents to access adult literacy courses to increase their confidence in supporting children’s learning at home.

If you are not yet part of the programme, please get in touch with STEP to find out how you and your families can get involved. Visit the Starter sack home-play programme pages for more information and request your sacks via the MS Form.