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STEP has listened to children and families and created an exciting new digital family learning app.

Children from mobile families, such as Gypsy/Travellers, are at a disadvantage because their learning can be interrupted.  Very often they need to work at home, relying on intermittent contact with teachers to plan and monitor their learning.

We talked to children, teachers and parents and carers and they told us of the challenges they face when trying to keep learning at home.  In response, we have developed a family learning app that meets the families’ top three requirements:

1) Simple and visual

Everything that families needs for learning can be accessed from simple buttons within the app.  Children can use the visual features to personalise their profile picture and background.

2) Shared planning

Teachers can use a dashboard to collaborate with children to plan their learning. Tasks are added to simple post-it notes, which are ticked off once completed.

3) Tracks achievements

A learners’ profile allows teachers and pupils to keep track of progress in curriculum subjects. They can also record wider achievements.


For the first time I feel that I can use the technology to help the wee one.  Lyndsay explained everything over the phone and now we are in touch with the teacher every week.  She gets her tasks done and then she plays the games. She loves it.

Gypsy/Traveller mum

For more information about the App and STEP’s Digital Families Programme please visit our Digital Learning section or contact STEP at step@ed.ac.uk