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Introduction to stop motion animation

Resources to use with learners

About learning and animation

Animation can be motivating for learners and their families. It offers alternative ways for learners of all ages to create their own texts regardless of their literacy abilities.  Using visual languages they can explore and communicate their own narratives and those of others. The animation process offers a stimulating environment to develop a range of skills for learning, life and work, particularly creative skills such as: curiosity, open-mindedness, imagination and problem solving as well as a range of social skills such as working together.

STEP has collaborated with Animation Jam to produce a series of introductory videos to make animation easy whether at home or in other learning centres.  The resources were inspired by the work of Gypsy/Traveller pupils from STEP’s national animation projects.  For inspiration the pupils drew heavily on their own lives and interests as well as the outdoor environment.

How to use animation for learning

A simple video introducing the world of animation

This introductory video was designed to inspire and educate teachers, families and young people on how animation can be used as a tool for learning. 

Simple animations can be done using an iPad or a smart phone.  There are many apps available including Stop Motion Studio.

If you are inspired by this video then please visit our other resources on animation including animation basics, creating artwork, how to animate in 2D and 3D and how to blend animation and outdoor learning.

How to use this resource

These videos can be used in different ways with learners or their families. Teachers can either share them as part of a family learning session or families can be directed to watch them at home alone.  

This videos can be stopped at various points to find out what type of subject matter inspires learners and how much they understand about the animation processes by asking:

  • What do you think is happening here?
  • How did the animator make this happen?
  • How could you do something similar?
  • What would feature in your own animation?

STEP offers training for staff to increase their own animation skills and to plan how to integrate animation into a cross-curricular curriculum for Gypsy/Traveller children.

Contact STEP to find out how you and your learners can get involved with our animation projects.